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Deadlines as Motivation

June 22nd, 2016 Posted by Blog No Comment yet

6-21-2016 Deadlines Now and Later

I have been remiss in writing posts on my blog. It’s been over a month. I, like others, am motivated by deadlines. For example, I wrote my book over a period of a few years. I had procrastinated publishing it because it could always be better. So I kept “working” on it and delaying. When the Katie Couric Show asked me to be a guest on its show, I knew I had to get it self-published immediately. This was the deadline I needed. So within three weeks, I did what I had to do to have “Pressing My Luck” available on Amazon and other websites.



Gone Too Soon

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4-23-2016 Four Deaths

David Bowie died Jan. 10, 2016 at the age of 69, Garry Shandling died March 24 at 66, Patty Duke on March 29 at 69 and Prince on April 21 at age 57.  All too young to die. As I get older, these ages don’t seem so old. I think the only one who anticipated his death was David Bowie who was suffering with cancer. The others had unexpected deaths. So what’s the point? You never know. So as that old, trite adage states – you have to live life to its fullest. I try to do this. Each day, I try to do something for others, something for myself and try to check off items on my “to do” list. Not that I am successful every day but I take a crack at it.