My Skin Care Regimen

October 12th, 2018

Every so often I get complimented on my skin. People remarked that it’s youthful looking for my age and that it’s smooth. Then they ask how do I do it? Part of the answer is genetics. My mother still has beautiful skin and she’s 89. The other part of the answer is my skin care regimen. Yes, it’s a lot of work. Below, I’ve listed what I do.

Mornings                                Nights                                     Weekly

Serum with SPF                       Astringent or cleanser           Face mask – Vit. C or glycolic acid

Face cream with SPF              Toner                                         Exfoliating cleanser

BB cream                                     Serum with Vitamin C

Foundation with SPF              Eye serum

Face cream

Eye cream


Retinoid cream

Is it working? All I can say is that I think so.2018 5-23-2018 NJ Mom and SP

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