Pressing My Luck: A Doctor’s Lottery Journey by Shirley Press, MD is available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iTunes, Kobo and Smashwords.

Pressing My Luck by Shirley Press, MD is now available

IN 2001, I was your typical, hard-working pediatric emergency room doctor…until I won 56 million dollars (17.5 million take home) in the Florida Lottery with a ticket bought in the hospital’s gift shop. This stroke of luck brought with it numerous challenges as well as self-discovery.

In my memoir, PRESSING MY LUCK, I take readers on a tour of my life and candidly look back on how the lottery windfall affected it. I recall my childhood in Camden, New Jersey growing up with parents who were Holocaust survivors, my determination to become successful, the wild 1970 summer adventure at Paul McCartney’s house and the years dedicated to practicing medicine. And despite my lottery fortune, I reveal how money didn’t shield my family from life’s adversities, such as my husband’s near fatal illness and my son’s drug addiction. I recount my decisions, daily struggles as well as post-lottery observations on family, friends and life in general. In the end, I can hardly believe that most of my confidence and personal growth that I thought were due to winning the Lotto could have been achieved without all the money.

Reviews for Pressing My Luck

“I thoroughly enjoyed reading Pressing My Luck. It was insightful, witty, relatable and poignant. Dr. Shirley Press powerfully describes the “ups and downs” of winning the Lotto and it is remarkable that she remained the same steadfast caring doctor, mother, wife and friend despite life’s twists and turns.” — Eva Ritvo, CO-AUTHOR of THE BEAUTY PRESCRIPTION

“Pressing My Luck chronicles an extraordinary life filled with twists, turns, defeats and triumphs and is ultimately a tale of a remarkable woman.” — Jill Bauer, FILMMAKER of documentary SEXY BABY / JOURNALIST