Speech at the Unveiling of the Gravestone for Our Mother, Leah on July 17, 2022

July 22nd, 2022


Thank you all for coming to our mother’s unveiling. We appreciate it from the bottom of our hearts.  It’s been a tough road without you, Mom. I think about you a lot and how we miss you and also think about what you’ve missed – what has been going on in our families – the naches and the tsurus. In the last few years Maddie had a son Simon, in addition to Luna, your first grandchild, Sarah, your granddaughter was married and your grandson Gershon eluded death three times from drug overdoses. I know that if you were well, you’d know just what to do and say having endured your own horrible struggles in life.

 Our mother Leah was cherished by everyone – her family, friends, colleagues, etc.  Seeing the tremendous love and support for our  mom before and after she died is gratifying. We are a small family but we are a closed knit bunch. Our mom inspired and influenced us through her love, devotion and actions. Barb and I were her bright lights after a life of horrors surviving the concentration camps in the Holocaust. She loved us without bounds. She was remarkable, smart and driven even after all she had been through – learning English impeccably , getting married, having children, working in my fathers  grocery store, becoming a teacher and a PTA president and being active at her synagogue. As all of you know, she was the most gracious and kind person. She was the OG original bubbly “hostess with the mostess.” People would drop by our house all the time to eat, schmooze and mainly to see Leah. It was her power of compassion. Even though we had very little, my mother was always giving of herself and she always made time for everyone. We remember her packing up our hand-me-downs and routinely shipping them off to Israel in the early days. One time she was generous to a fault. I went to pick her up at Beth EL and noticed another teacher wearing a skirt similar to one I had. When I got home, I realized that that was my skirt. My mother just figured I didnt need it anymore.

We had fun times too. Our mom, Tanti, Philip, Bev, Barb and I, with Hashel and Gershon on the weekends, would spend a month in Atlantic City in this dumpy boarding house without a phone. We called it Hotel Dropsie. In later years, Mom, Tanti, Frieda Levy and I would go back to Atlantic City to play the slots.

We had good times and we had tragic times. Your unconditional love will inspire us for our lifetimes. You were the best there is.      

With unending love,

 Shirley and Barbara

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