Getting Older Sucks

October 18th, 2018

I am getting older and it sucks. I’m 67 and sometimes I feel 80 and other times I feel like I did at 40. I have a number of common physical woes. As a list maker, here they are.


Hair thinning

Face and neck wrinkling

Balance is off

Generalized aches and pains

High cholesterol – on a statin medication

Osteopenia – on medication

Feeling tired – taking vitamins and estrogen

Arthritis in hands


New Problems in the Last Six Months

Cataracts Stage 1

Tooth Abscess requiring incision, drainage and a root canal

Left shoulder rotator cuff tear


And then there is the fear of getting even older.  I’m the oldest physician in my group. I try hard not to be grumpy or depressed about aging.  Also I am trying to keep my brain sharp to ward off dementia.  So as Robert Crumb stated way back in 1968,  I “Keep on truckin.”


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