Thoughts on Self-Publishing – Part 1

October 4th, 2013

People are constantly asking me what its like to self-publish. In one word: hard. At least for me, a not so tech-savvy baby boomer, it was. I literally rewrote the book twice with numerous chapter revisions in order to arrive at the final printed version. Writers, editors and a self-publishing consultant were hired to assist me with the rewriting, editing and the digital processing required for self-publishing a book. As for timeframe… My publishing deadline was constantly being pushed back until The Katie Couric Show asked me to be a guest. Who could ask for a better opportunity to announce my book on television? At that point, I decided to go into overdrive and have the book published in time for the show’s airing. The weeks prior to the show were grueling but I met my deadline. The hard work definitely paid off.

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