Self-Publishing – Part 3

November 13th, 2013

This is when the reality of self-publishing sinks in. Although I’ve sold over 900 copies of my book “Pressing My Luck,” the rate of sales is slowing down. Well that is a euphemism for what is actually happening. It seems to be coming to a halt. I do not have an agent, publishing house or publicist behind me. My agent dropped me because he could not sell my book to a major publisher. Hiring a publicist seems unrealistic for a $7.99 book. So it is me alone. I’ve done my best which I am proud of. I have six more events coming up – Books & Books of Coral Gables, FL will carry my book, I will have a booth at the Miami International Book Fair on Nov. 23 in the writers’ row section, two more talks are scheduled, a few more Facebook ads and I’ve written an essay on how the lottery changed my life for Brandeis Magazine which will appear in Jan. 2014. I’m thinking of a YouTube video. Will keep you posted.

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